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About Ava Vista Espadana


Supported by a staff with decades of experience and knowledge, Ava Vista Espadana Co. was established in 2015. We use our expertise to develop knowledge packages, create value and provide consultation services including training and knowledge-based solutions using state-of-the-art technology. We hold accountability, customer-centeredness and legitimacy as the principles that guide our activities.

Mission Statement 

Ava Vista Espadana Co. is a provider of business services with a management approach. The company aims to offer extended consultation, executive, control, training, and research services in various fields of management. Its first priority is the creation and distribution of applied knowledge packages which use modern technology and are suitable for strategic resources.

Relying on the expertise of its staff, as the company’s most valuable strategic asset, and not bound by geographical limitations, Ava Vista Espadana Co. aims to achieve national, regional, or even global success. Aided by advanced information technology, the company has a deep understanding of the various aspects of the business environment (economic, cultural, social, legal/ political, governmental, and non-governmental issues). Furthermore, ethical profitability in a competitive environment and giving priority to public interest over self-interest are regarded as the company’s keys to survival.

Vision Statement 

Becoming a leader in creating and innovating management phenomena suitable for social institutions.


Ava Vista Espadana Co. considers ethical professional conduct in competition, honesty, confidentiality, impartiality, respect for the law and rights of citizenship, generosity with sources of knowledge, creation of employment opportunities, and generating legitimate income as its ultimate values. The company, its staff, and any individual with any connection to the company is required to commit to these values.

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