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Marketing and Market Research 

Our company is able to provide market research and marketing activities with the help of its expert staff and internal organizational processes. 


The company's activities in this area are centered around the import of various products, especially industrial-grade equipment including factory production lines. 

Market Development and Consultation 

Our services in this area include marketing research, branding, and promotion using advanced marketing tools to target and attract profitable customers. Furthermore, we help create new sales platforms for new products and services. 

Internal Market Development

We work with a vast network of partners in all parts of Iran to help develop and extend existing markets for businesses. 

Supply Chain Management 

In recent years, supply chain management has gained importance. Companies that have taken advantage of this approach have gained numerous advantages. The concept refers to a set of strategies used to integrate manufacturing, warehousing, and sales activities so that products are delivered on time with high quality. 

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