Business Administration

Marketing management, or demand management, involves analyzing the internal and external environment of the organization as well as devising, utilizing, implementing, and controlling plans to create and maintain a profitable target market and achieve organizational goals. Marketing managers in every organization are tasked with analyzing, planning, executing, and monitoring effective and efficient marketing plans which can improve their company’s competitive position in the target markets.

  • Developing strategic plans for the marketing department (marketing plans)
  • Status quo analysis in the marketing department
  • Documenting workflows and improving methods, processes, and systems with a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) approach
  • Consultation, supervision, and implementation of Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)
  • Developing marketing and sales plans
  • Designing and implementing marketing and sales organization
  • Assessing applicants for marketing and sales positions
  • Improving sales methods
  • Imports and exports consultation
  • Conducting market research
  • Training marketing and sales staff
  • Designing distribution channels
  • Assessing the distribution system
  • Assessing pricing policies
  • Industry Analysis
  • Developing marketing plans
  • Launching new products
  • Product analysis
  • Product testing
  • Voice of customer analysis
  • Managing customer complaints
  • Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Metrics (CSM)
  • Analyzing marketing and sales staff satisfaction metrics
  • Developing sales plans
  • Analyzing root causes of declined sales
  • Measuring customer loyalty
  • Auditing customer complaints
  • Sales forecast
  • Customer identification and segmentation
  • After-sales process analysis
  • Developing sales promotion programs

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