Operational Planning

Operational planning involves a set of activities and steps to achieve certain goals. It is a common fallacy among many managers that operational and strategic management refer to the same concept. While strategic management focuses on top-level planning, effectiveness, and the future of the organization, operational management is carried out by the mid- and low-level managers in the organization and focuses on the present. In other words, operational planning involves detailed measures for achieving goals. Executive managers are normally concerned with this type of planning, in which specific goals for limited periods of time are set.

  • Formulating and implementing top-level business and organizational excellence strategies
  • Setting organizational goals and developing action plans
  • Setting specific targets and objectives for the organization
  • Target planning
  • Mission and goal revision
  • Assisting with decisions regarding expected results
  • Establishing time frames
  • Defining responsiveness frameworks (performance indicators)
  • Defining operational steps for conducting activities
  • Establishing time frames for each step
  • Determining the required resources for operational steps
  • Determining performance indicators
  • Monitoring performance

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