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Project Logistics Management

Procurement and logistics are important activities of project teams, and are closely linked to other parts of the project. Any disruption in procurement and logistics may interrupt the flow of activities; ultimately delaying the project. Numerous factors can prolong the process of procurement. Implementing real-time procurement and logistic systems, which are designed according to elasticity of demand, can improve effectiveness.

Value Management

Value analysis/engineering is a structured approach to identifying unnecessary costs both effectively and accurately. Such costs make no contribution to the quality, usability, and appearance of the product or customer satisfaction. Value management is a structured and systematic process, which defines the required functions for achieving goals. This process attempts to achieve goals with as little cost as possible provided that effectiveness is not compromised and maximum value is obtained. Thus, project stakeholders can reach a consensus on project needs, goals, scope, functions, and risks. In this process, opportunities for innovation are also identified.

Project Planning, Control, and Management

Project management involves planning projects in terms of time, costs, and quality such that project expectations are met. It includes the activities of planning, organizing, supervising, executing, and directing projects. As a result, projects are completed on time, within budget limits, and with the expected results. Planning and control have critical roles in the process of project management.

Quality, Productivity, and Organizational Excellence Management

Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical part of quality management. Every organization defines QA differently. It generally plays the role of a legislator: assuring process compliance with regulations and standards. Organizations with Quality Management Systems (QMS) need to establish a QA department in charge of planning, deploying, and improving the QMS. The QA department is tasked with a variety of functions including internal audits of the QMS, reactive and proactive measures, documentation control, continuous improvement, and in some cases training or even managing intra-organizational projects.

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