Managing and Holding Training Programs

Every organization needs motivated, skilled, energetic, and innovative employees to achieve its goals and gain competitive advantage. Appropriate strategies are required to enable employees in their jobs. In the modern world, leading organizations place strong emphasis on training and more importantly its outcome, namely increased productivity. These organizations try to make their employees more committed and prepare them to face the modern world. This is more important for organizations with unique training goals as well as those implementing new development programs. Knowing this, AVA VISTA ESPADANA  cooperates with leading universities in the country to offer short-term training programs, workshops, and seminars for managers and experts.

The courses are taught by experienced faculty members in order to improve the quality of training and prepare the trainees in the best way.

In addition to using the most experienced professors, which is a unique aspect of our training programs, other features of the courses include:

  • Meeting educational standards
  • Providing an appropriate blend of introductory management courses
  • Providing up-to-date case studies
  • Consulting, holding, and supervising training programs
  • Teaching theoretical concepts along with their real-world applications
  • Meeting managers’ time requirements in holding the sessions
  • Support from the Professor and Teaching Assistant in every step of the course

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