saffron packing

saffron packing

Types of saffron

Poushal: This type has fine threads with slightly yellow or white ends. This type of saffron makes up for nearly 10 percent of saffron exports in Iran.

Sargol: This type of all red fine-threaded saffron is in fact the sorted version of Poushal. Therefore, its threads are broken. Almost 60 percent of the total exports of Iranian saffron is Sargol.

Negin: This type of saffron is red and coarse with very few broken threads. Both Sargol and Negin are all red and pure. They are only different in the portion of broken threads which is much higher in Sargol. Negin accounts for nearly 30 percent of Irianian saffron exports.

Terms of Sale

Types: Poushal, Sargol, and Negin

Minimum purchase volume: One kilogram

Packaging: One to twenty-five grams in each package/ no packaging

Delivery Location: Destination country customs

Shipment: DHL or TNT (as per customer request)

Delivery time: Almost seven days, depending on customs formalities  

After completing customs formalities and shipping the package by airplane, the freight number and the tracking code will be sent to the customer so that the goods can be tracked in real-time. Furthermore, upon customer request for three-day delivery, the package will be delivered by express international services such as DHL or TNT. However, this type of shipment costs almost five times.

Product certification: The product is internationally certified in terms of quality and can be imported to different countries including the European Union.

Packaging costs

Packaging costs as permitted by the customs for different weights are as follows:

  • Between 20 to 25 grams: 3 percent of the price of saffron
  • Between 10 to 20 grams: 5 percent of the price of saffron
  • Between 5 to 10 grams: 7 percent of the price of saffron
  • Between 1 to 5 grams: 10 percent of the price of saffron

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